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Jeep Safari Tours Packages

The Himalayan regions of the State of 'Uttaranchal', bordering with China in the north and Nepal in the west. The entire region is rich with natural diversity - from dense tropical & alpine forests, rivers and lakes to extremely high mountain ranges. Much of the region still does not feature on the worlds 'tourist map', making it an ideal destination for the ones bitten by the 'explorers bug' ! For a motorbike enthusiast, this is a dream destination, offering you dirt trails through thick jungles, treacherous mountain roads, and all the natural beauty one can dream of !

Jeep Safari Tours Packages in Rajaji Natinal Park
Jeep Safari Tours Packages in Rajaji Natinal Park
Jeep Safari Tours Packages in Rajaji Natinal Park

Wildlife Safari at Rajaji National Park opens a vista of enchanting wildlife in pristine and unadulterated form, The National Park remain open between 15th November and 15th June every year. There is 34 K.M. Nature Safari Trail and drive passing through undulating forest track, hilly terrain, lush green valleys, river beds, dense forests, sprawling grasslands and many never before seen greenery and vegetation.

During this drive Visitors can see large number of peafowls feeding on seeds, fruits, tender grass and sometimes peacocks dancing with their tail feathers are also encountered. Spotted deer or cheetal groups are commonly visible during Safari, leaves and fruits dropped by monkeys one may see quite frequently. In the woodland, Sambhar, the largest deer in south east Asia can be seen browsing. The largest land mammal, the Elephant is also commonly sighted during the Nature Safari. This 2-3 hour drive is definitely a visitor's delight.

How to Reach
The sanctuary can be reached by road from major cities of Uttaranchal. The nearest railway station is Haridwar, 8 Km away. Other major distances from the park are: Haridwar 8 Km, Rishikesh 14 km, Dehradun 25 Km and New Delhi 230 Km. Jolly Grant airport, Dehradun, is 30 Km from the park.

Jeep Safari Tours Packages Rajaji Natinal Park
Jeep Safari Tours Packages Corbett National Park

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