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Kali Sarda River

The Kali river forms the international border between India and Nepal in its upper reaches. A self-contained river journey down this river is one of the prime options in this part of the Himalaya. The river flows past terraced farms of Kumaoni and Nepali villages, fresh water streams, sandy beaches, thick tropical jungles, plantations as we travel downstream through the terai belt negotiating exciting white water. With the Mahseer making it an angler's delight,the lack of road access makes it a complete wilderness journey. After the first few days of serene float past its confluence with the Saryu at Pancheshwar (also a famous fishing spot) with the occasional big rapid, the Kali makes its final descent to the plains in the last day on river, beginning with the mighty Chooka rapid. Flowing past the terai hills after densely forested hillsides, this trip is an outdoor wilderness experience in a league of its own.

Kali Sarda River Rafting
Kali Sarda River Rafting
Kali Sarda River Rafting

Beautiful beaches and canyons, un spoilt scenic surroundings, pristine wilderness, remote, rare habitation, abundant in birds and animals. That is River Kali. Also known as Sarda and the Mahakali in Nepal flows from Nepal into Kumaon region of India. The valley of the river had been a trading route up to Tibet and one can see the Tibetan influence in this region. An expedition down this river provides some classic Grade III / IV rafting & kayaking thrills.

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